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I've literally downloaded Laravel today and like the looks of things but i'm struggeling on 2 things.

1) I like the controllers' actions method of analysing urls instead of using routes, it seems to keep everything together more cleanly, but lets say I want to go to


how can I write an action function for this? i.e.

function action_account-year()...

is obviously not valid syntax.

2) If i had

function action_account_year( $year, $month ) { ...

and visited


An error would be displayed about missing arguments, how do you go about making this user friendly/load diff page/display an error??

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You would have to manually route the hyphenated version, e.g.

Route::get('account/account-year', 'account@account_year');

Regarding the parameters, it depends on how you are routing. You must accept the parameters in the route. If you are using full controller routing (e.g. Route::controller('account')) then the method will be passed parameters automatically.

If you are manually routing, you have to capture the params,

Route::get('account/account-year/(:num)/(:num)', 'account@account_year');

So visiting /account/account-year/1/2 would do ->account_year(1, 2)

Hope this helps.

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I would like to accept this answer but this iss what I thought... hmmm I'm sure I read that controller routing can do everything standard routing can, seems not. Thank you very much –  Luke Snowden Jan 10 '13 at 22:06
Just figures number 2 out whilt on the sofa with scotch, simple PHP syntax! public function action_account_year($name = false, $place = false ) { if( ... ) { return View::make('page.error' ); } –  Luke Snowden Jan 10 '13 at 22:14
also looked at laravel/routing/controller.php, method "response" add $method = preg_replace( "#\-+#", "_", $method ); at the top, jobs a good one. Antone know how to extend this class as a bundle/plugin? –  Luke Snowden Jan 10 '13 at 22:34
Is there a way to get this route url with the action helper? –  Fractaliste Dec 13 '13 at 13:39

You can think of the following possibility as well

class AccountController extends BaseController {

    public function getIndex()

    public function getAccountYear()


Now simply define a RESTful controller in your routes file in the following manner

Route::controller('account', 'AccountController');

Visiting 'account/account-year' will automatically route to the action getAccountYear

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+1 Not sure why this isn't the top answer. –  Martti Laine Mar 8 '14 at 10:12

I thought I'd add this as an answer in case anyone else is looking for it:


public function action_account_year($name = false, $place = false ) { 
     if( ... ) { 
             return View::make('page.error' ); 


not a solid solutions yet:

laravel/routing/controller.php, method "response"

public function response($method, $parameters = array())
    // The developer may mark the controller as being "RESTful" which
    // indicates that the controller actions are prefixed with the
    // HTTP verb they respond to rather than the word "action".

    $method = preg_replace( "#\-+#", "_", $method );            

    if ($this->restful)
        $action = strtolower(Request::method()).'_'.$method;
        $action = "action_{$method}";

    $response = call_user_func_array(array($this, $action), $parameters);

    // If the controller has specified a layout view the response
    // returned by the controller method will be bound to that
    // view and the layout will be considered the response.
    if (is_null($response) and ! is_null($this->layout))
        $response = $this->layout;

    return $response;
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