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I want to be able to have multiple forms of the same parameter like so:

  [string]$p or $path = "C:\",
  [string]$f or $filter = "*.txt",
  [switch]$o or $overwrite

but I'm not sure how to do this. Most times, you would only be able to choose one (e.g. only $p or only $path). Is it possible to use multiple names for the same variable/parameter?

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Like this:

  [string]$path = "C:\",
  [string]$filter = "*.txt",

Note you can have multiple aliases too: [Alias('p','thepath')]

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PowerShell partial parameter name matching may be what your looking for.

# test.ps1
write-host $path

Calling .\test.ps1 with either .\test.ps1 -path "c:\windows" or .\test.ps1 -p "c:\windows" will both match, and populate, the $path parameter.

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