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I have a lot of strings that I would like to match against a search term.



I'll like to search for the string "ha" and the algorithm to return the start of the list where where strings begin with "ha", in this case "habit".

Of course I don't one to go one by one since the list is huge. I can do some pre processing to sort the list or put it into a structure that makes this sort of search fasts.

Any suggestions?

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I'm assuming there are to be multiple searches of prefixes, if you only need to search the list once it makes no sense to sort it. – Eli Algranti Jan 10 '13 at 22:12
How big is the list ? Is it terabytes of data or a few million entries ? – user1952500 Jan 11 '13 at 2:16

Well you want a sorted structure of some type. You could get away with a TreeMap or a Radix Tree (Radix will save you some space). The overhead of this will be the sort operation or the overhead of inserting into a sorted data structure. However, once sorted a binary search will give you logN+1 worst case lookup performance.

Of note Lucene uses Radix Trees afaik

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I looked into a binary search, but I'm not sure how to tune it so it'll return the first entry "habit", since if I use a compare function that just matches the beginning of the string I would stop just at hitting any of the matches, rather than the first one. – user1968240 Jan 10 '13 at 22:15

You can always look at Patricia Trees. They are almost perfectly suited for this kind of thing.

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A Trie is what you are looking for.

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id lean towards the radix tree, saves more space – Woot4Moo Jan 10 '13 at 22:10

Your post leaves too many questions unanswered. My interpretation is that you want to create a dictionary from an unordered list of words. But then when you search for ha, what is it that you really want?

Do you want

  1. the first word that starts with ha?

  2. the index of the first word that starts with ha?

  3. to have easy access to all the words that start with ha?

If you want 1 and/or 3, then the person who says trie is correct. (The link I give you has an easy to read implementation).

If 2 is what you want, then can you talk about a use-case? If not, then you are looking at using a string search algorithm. Without more details, it's difficult to give more precise advice.

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Your question has many fuzzy areas. Depending on exactly what your requirements are you might find that the Rabin-Karp string searching method is of use to you.

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