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Say for example that I have 3 terminals open (i.e. gnome-terminal or xterm) and would like to group them together to send commands to all of them at the same time while typing on 1 single terminal.

I want the option to disperse those terminals if I need to issue 1 command in a particular terminal. Is there any terminal application that could provide this capability? I've tried keyboardcast and is not exactly what i am looking for, since you have to type your command in a popup window.

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There is a program called terminator, It does exactly what you want :)

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Thank you, this is exactly what i am looking for :) – pacv Jan 10 '13 at 22:21
You're welcome, I use it all the time at work – SpaceCowboy Jan 10 '13 at 22:23

If you open several tabs/windows in konsole, you can direct the keyboard input from one of them into the others. Simply select menu Edit -> Copy Input To ... -> All Tabs/Select .../None.

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If you want a non-GUI based approach you can also use tmux to send to multiple sessions as explained here - basically it works by using the following tmux command in a loop (if necessary):

tmux send-keys -t session_id your_command C-m

There's also an enhancement of tmux, called wemux, that supports paired, mirrored, and rogue modes.

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