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I'm having issues with this box model. I was having the issue only with Blackberry 4.6, but it's happening on jsbin/jsfiddle as well. These 2 divs should be 50% and therefore sit directly next to each other, but the last one is breaking down.

jsbin: http://jsbin.com/oyujof/1/edit

Thanks in advance.

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Whitespace is significant when it comes to inline and inline-block elements. Remove or comment out the whitespace between the divs.

Clarification: the whitespace is the newline character and spaces between the divs:

  __<div class="nav-button">

These will render as a single space when you use inline or inline-block.

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Alex is correct. If I remove the new lines it works. I'd like to avoid float if possible as mobile devices can be fidgety. I didn't know space and newlines were included with inline-block. Good to know! Thanks! – Trevor Jan 11 '13 at 3:04
Oddly, Chrome, Mobile safari, and android ignore the spaces. jsbin and blackberry do not... – Trevor Jan 11 '13 at 3:07
aka webkit..... – Trevor Jan 11 '13 at 3:16
Ugh, still doesn't work on Blackberry 4.6. – Trevor Jan 11 '13 at 15:42

The whitespace has width, so your total layout is 50% + space_width + 50%, > 100% so the second div breaks. Either remove the whitespace, or set the width at 49%.

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You just need to specify the rules for .nav-to as well as .nav-button and also float them left. Here's the CSS that fixes it with the HTML you have given:

.nav-to {
        width: 50%;
    .nav-button {
        width: 50%;

        &:last-child {
            text-align: right;


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What's the benefit of inline-block vs block when you're already using float? Seems like more styles to achieve the same thing? – Jason McCreary Jan 10 '13 at 22:22
@JasonMcCreary Yes you're right, I overlooked that. With float in place, inline-block is not needed. Edited out the inline-block now. – Omega Jan 10 '13 at 22:25
Still too many styles. Ultimately we'll have the same answer. :) – Jason McCreary Jan 10 '13 at 22:26
Yes I see the only difference in our answer is that you've added the extra .nav-button in html and removed the css style. Whereas I've kept the html the same and added a style, as stated in my answer. – Omega Jan 10 '13 at 22:32
I didn't change the html. The snippet I provided is only for .nav-button. See the jsbin for more. – Jason McCreary Jan 10 '13 at 22:34

While float can come its own issues, using floats in the case is straightforward and may be your only option in the event cleaning up whitespace and/or 49% is not an option.

.nav-button {
  float: left;
  display: block;
  width: 50%;

Updated jsbin: http://jsbin.com/oyujof/23/

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Yeah I know float is an option, but I want to avoid it. Thanks. – Trevor Jan 11 '13 at 3:04
I understand. As noted, float comes with its own issues. – Jason McCreary Jan 11 '13 at 14:37

This may not be the best answer, but if you set each to 49%, rather than 50%, then it works.

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