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CRichEditView (+ ~Doc and ~CntrItem) combined with MDI worked in a legacy MFC project (1998), but not anymore with the latest (11) version of MFC, using Visual Studio 2012 C++ professional. Apparently, the CRichEditView.m_lpRichEditOle remains zeroNull0nada. The same happens when I try to change the derivation from CDocument class in the MDI sample from MSDN (MDIDocvw) into CRichEditDoc class (and corresponding views and controlItems). I need to know whether this is something definite, decided by Ms, or some misunderstanding here. I might be happy as well with TabbedDI.


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Are you trying to convert some old application for VS 2012, convert other MDI application to use rich edit functionality or you have a problem with the application created in VS 2012? –  JohnCz Jan 11 '13 at 20:56
Yes, it was a working appication, but old, I only tried to compile it with VC2012, I needed to change all of the string routines. Then the VC2012 compiler seems satisfied, until you start debugging. –  Henk Schutte Jan 15 '13 at 12:56

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