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I am currently developing a web-application with VS2010 in C#. I managed quite a lot until now, many things I got from here. But now I am quite at a loss.

I dynamically create a picture which displays data from a SQL-DB (SQL Azure!). Basically I create a bitmap, do fancy stuff with its contents an put it into a via

Response.ContentType = "Image/jpeg";
bmp.Save(Response.OutputStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);

While debugging on my local machine, everything is fine, I can see the created picture. When I publish my project however, the image shows up just as a red cross (IE). When I enter the URI of the image.aspx I get the typical asp.net-Error Page stating that something is wrong. (see here: http://kufo-portal.azurewebsites.net/img/imgMarktstellungGraphK.aspx) That there is an error is not so unusual, since the image.aspx uses Session-Variables, which aren't set when accessing the image directly. Another image I put up there (http://kufo-portal.azurewebsites.net/img/Circle.aspx) does display its contents very nicely.

I suspect that there migt be a problem with the data-retreival from the db, but I don't know how to track this down, there are no reakpoints. (My problem is, that i'm developing this web application for a project at university an i have absolutely no idea what the server does, how i can interact with it, what setup-possibilities there are and so on, I'm a student of engineering, not of IT)

I came accross that post: ASP.NET Charting Control not working on production server which shows a privateImages="false"-Tag for the web.config. Could that be a possibillity?

Long story short: Can you point me to a way of getting this fixed all by myself? (I have to present the Project next tuesday, so no time-pressure at all ;-) )

I hope I have given you enough information to help me out in any way! Thanks in advance

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You need to find out more about the exception that is happening. Why can't you fix the web.config so it hands you exception details? Failing that, how about wrapping all your code in a try/catch and when something goes wrong, writing the exception details to the reponse? –  spender Jan 10 '13 at 23:01
Hi! Sorry for having to wait so long for my response. I worked around my problem quite elegantly. I just switched to using aspCharts and put my data-retrieval in a seperate class. After fiddeling a bit with my web.config I got that to work as smooth as silk. But Thanks for your answer nonetheless! –  lhiapgpeonk Jan 12 '13 at 12:16

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