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In Google Chrome when you click the mouse wheel button you get this cursor:

enter image description here

And then you are able to scroll to all possible directions, when you move around with your mouse...

IE also has this, but only moves up and down:

enter image description here

Is there any component for Delphi that can do this? (for a TScrollBox for example)

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TMemo, for example, can do that for you, provided you set its ScrollBars property to something else than ssNone. It will even adjust according to which scroll bars are enabled. Problem with TScrollBar component is that on its own it doesn't have any focusable parts and won't receive OnMouseWheel(/Up/Down) events, but its included windowed controls might. You could write a workaround for that on main form events, though. Check solutions at

EDIT: OnMouseWheel(/Up/Down) should be OnMouse(/Up/Down), thanks to @Sertac Akyuz for pointing this out ;)

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The question is not related with wheel events. Once you click the middle button and the icon is displayed as in the question, you can scroll with only moving the mouse in these applications. – Sertac Akyuz Jan 11 '13 at 1:56
Actually, u used it long before mice got wheels. Ahhh... i still long that QuickShot QS-210 mouse, it was the most elegant mouse i ever saw... – Arioch 'The Jan 11 '13 at 6:35
@Sertac - OK, my mistake for referencing mouse wheel events, I should have written mouse button events instead. Still, TMemo (among many windowed controls that can be focused at) will handle that as expected by OP, while TScrollBar will prove difficult to target for such events as it only serves as a wrapper container to other windowed and focus-able controls. There's one way around that described in the link I posted, tho personally I wouldn't bother and rather enable such navigation in controls that can receive focus, and would behave as users would expect them to. – TildalWave Jan 11 '13 at 10:31
@Tidal - I still think your answer is far from giving a solution to the question. Notice that with that behavior you have to scroll even when the mouse is not moved (when it is placed stationary at a location referential to the central icon). It is a completely different behavior. – Sertac Akyuz Jan 11 '13 at 11:59
@Sertac - No, it will do exactly what the OP asked. It is not enabled by default in TMemo control (to give one example), but will scroll in exactly the same way the OP requests it to, when you enable scroll bars on it with ssBoth. What's interesting is, that if you enable only ssHorizontal or ssVertical, it will still work almost the same (showing proper cursor and all), but limit it's capability to horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling, respectively. That second mouse cursor icon OP attached will be in use when ssVertical is the selected ScrollBars property value. ;) Cheers! – TildalWave Jan 14 '13 at 6:05

Seems like this feature is available in RAD studio 2009 (but not in D7). You need to use Imouse (imouse.pas unit) and the control must have ControlStyle of csPannable.


Imouse (imouse.pas unit) is a standard implementation of scrolling with middle button (called also "mouse panning"). It's also used in RAD Studio. Imouse functionality relays on standard window scrollbars and sends WM_HSCROLL/WM_VSCROLL to the window to make it scroll. It works on every window, that have a scrollbar (e.g. TListView, TTreeView, even TForm/TFrame if AutoScroll is True and at least one scrollbar is visible).

Oh, I've forgotten one thing. Control must have csPannable in ControlStyle, but RichView hasn't by default. So, after adding Code: RichViewEdit1.ControlStyle := RichViewEdit1.ControlStyle + [csPannable];

I didn't test it though. All that is left for me is to look into the source code (When I can get my hands on copy of D2009) and maybe impliment this with D7...

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