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Forgive me for not being able to upload anything to fiddle.

In short, i have a json array i want to get knockout to read and loop from, i have included the array next to when i start ko. This works happily, when i try and load some json with ajax it just fails.

I have this object:

   hutber.portfolio.ko = {
    init: function(){
        ko.applyBindings(new hutber.portfolio.ko.portfolioViewModel());
    items: [],
    portfolioViewModel: function(){
        var self = this;

        var data = [
            {   "title":"poo"

        self.items = ko.observableArray(data);

        var jamie = $.getJSON('/js/pages/portfolio.json').done(function(info){
            self.items = info;


{   "title":"willies"


        <ul data-bind="foreach: items">
            <li data-bind="text: title">

In my mind this should be working perfectly. I am updating self.items value with self.items = info; once my ajax request has finished.

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Are you sure your AJAX call succeeds and the callback fires? – Michael Mior Jan 10 '13 at 23:46
yup 100%, i just simpily tested with console.infoing 'jamie' :( – Jamie Hutber Jan 10 '13 at 23:47
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Your callback is replacing the observable array and is not setting it correctly. You need to call the observable passing in the object to set it.

    var jamie = $.getJSON('/js/pages/portfolio.json').done(function(info){
        self.items(info); // set the items to the info array
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The problem is that you're reassigning the value of self.items rather than updating the collection.

What you want to be doing is:

var jamie = $.getJSON('/js/pages/portfolio.json').done(function(info){
    info.forEach(function (x) { self.items.push(x); });

I've made the assumption that info is an array, if not just push it directly.

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thanks for this as well, as expected this will not overwrite the data already added but append to the array. – Jamie Hutber Jan 11 '13 at 11:23

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