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I have just implemented Facebook SDK 3.1.1 into my app with the intention of being able to share a picture, as well as 'Like' our product page from within the app. I can't seem to find a simple explanation or tutorial on how to code a button to automatically 'Like' a particular Facebook page. Can this only be done within a UIWebView? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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See the link below which may help you in your work:

RayWenderlich: How To Post to a User’s Wall, Upload Photos, and Add a Like Button from your iPhone App

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Unfortunately, no. The only way to like a Facebook page from within the iOS app, is to load up a UIWebView that navigates to the page, and then the user can like it.

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Through Vishal's answer, I came to this link which can construct an iFrame 'Like' button which can be added in a UIWebView.

Construct Like Box

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Now you can use the FBlike button using the following code but it need to download latest sdk and it is the beta version :(

Here is the code:

[FBSettings enableBetaFeature:FBBetaFeaturesLikeButton];
[FBSettings enablePlatformCompatibility:NO];
FBLikeControl *like = [[FBLikeControl alloc] init];
like.objectID = @"";
[self.view addSubview like];
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