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I currently already use jclouds with AWS S3 and now want to also use jclouds aws-iam. However I can't seem to find any useful documentation or usage examples. Any pointers or help would be appreciated.

In particular, I want to create a new user, create an access key for that user and then give that user read/write access to one of my S3 buckets.

I understand that I can just use the Amazon Java SDK for this, but would prefer to use jclouds. (Because I also use the Amazon Android SDK and this would create a conflict, and the Android SDK does not currently support IAM)

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Judging from issue #1400 (complete IAM api) in the jclouds project and the linked/referenced issue #1 (complete IAM api) in the jclouds-labs project it appears that the jclouds IAM support, while supposedly nearly complete, is in fact not and meanwhile deliberately moved to the new jcloud-labs project to unhook labs dependency from aws-ec2.

Given the (at first sight) comparatively thin jclouds documentation, I'm afraid there won't be much additional information available before IAM support has actually landed in a release.

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