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I'm creating an application with new Google Maps API V2 and I have to intercept the click on InfoWindow, showed when a Marker is clicked.

Reading the documentation I assumed that I do that to listen to InfoWindows clicks :

 mGoogleMap.setOnInfoWindowClickListener(new OnInfoWindowClickListener() {

        public void onInfoWindowClick(Marker marker) {

            Log.d("", marker.getTitle());   

But unfortunatly the method is never called.

If I try to listen to marker click and use setOnMarkerClickListener instead of OnInfoWindowClickListener , this works fine.

Hope to find some help, thanks in advance

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The OnInfoWindowClickListener gets called when you actually click on the Marker title popup and not the marker.

The above just works fine.

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yes, it works fine now. I where adding the OnInfoWindowClickListener two times insead only one time. Just my mistake! –  TheModularMind Jan 14 '13 at 17:39

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