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I am working on a large project that does SPC analysis and have 1000's of different unrelated dataframe objects. Does anyone know of a module for storing objects in memory? I could use a python dictionary but would like it more elaborate and functional mechanisms like locking, thread safe, who has it and a waiting list etc? I was thinking of creating something that behaves like my local public library system. The way it checks in and out books to one owner ...etc.

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I should have mentioned I need this to be in memory only for speed – user1968530 Jan 11 '13 at 2:38

HDF5-pytables is a pretty good storage back-end for pandas.

Pytables can expand to be managed like a file system BUT care must be taken if you need any kind of multi-access (if you really need that you should use a traditional database that provides these features).

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Redis with redis-py is one solution. Redis is really fast and there are nice Python bindings. Pytables, as mentioned above, is a good choice as well. PyTables is HDF5, and is really really fast.

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