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Is $var==1 the proper syntax for testing whether $var has a value?

I ask, because I'm getting a failure on a simple conditional.

Here's the code that seems to be failing:

if ($slcustom31==1) {$page="http://www.mydomain.com/members/page_Alpha.php";}

I assume that there's something wrong with the syntax, $var==1 .

++++++++ Here's the entire conditional, if that makes things clearer:

//condition 1
if ($slcustom31==1) {$page="http://www.mydomain.com/members/page_Alpha.php";} 

elseif ($slcustom31!=1 AND $slcustom29!="") {$page="http://www.mydomain.com/members/".$slcustom29;}

else {$page="http://www.mydomain.com/members/page_Beta.php";} 


SPECIFIC SYMPTOM: Script ignores condition1 and condition2, defaults to condition3.

++++ And if it helps, here's the entire (short) script:


require_once("../slpw/sitelokapi.php"); //gets value being tested by conditional

if ($slcustom31==1) {$page="http://www.mydomain.com/members/page_Alpha.php";} 
elseif ($slcustom31!=1 AND $slcustom29!="") {$page="http://www.mydomain.com/members/".$slcustom29;}//not finished, but started
else {$page="http://www.mydomain.com/members/page_Beta.php";} 


Can someone tell me what I should do differently?


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Depends. Are you trying to test if the variable has any value, or that it is just equal to 1? – Supericy Jan 11 '13 at 2:07
isset() will determine if a variable is storing a value. If you are going to check if there is a value, you should at least check if $slcustom31 > 0 – Mr. Polywhirl Jan 11 '13 at 2:11
Ah-- that's probably the problem. I mean to test for ANY value, rather than 1. – user1968593 Jan 11 '13 at 2:12
If $var is 3 then obviously 3 != 1. So a big NO. Also, you might want to use && instead of AND and || instead or OR. – inhan Jan 11 '13 at 2:13
I tried this variant, but unsuccessfully: if ($slcustom29>0) {$page="mydomain.com/members/".$slcustom29;} if (isset($slcustom29)) {$page="mydomain.com/members/".$slcustom29;} – user1968593 Jan 11 '13 at 2:14
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if($var ==1){
//returns true only if var is 1

//returns true if you currently have any value stored as the variable $var
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Thanks. The problem I'm seeing is that the script isn't exiting the conditional when var==1. Instead, it's continuing, even though the condition has been met. – user1968593 Jan 11 '13 at 2:10
@user1968593: If that variable is set as 1 that page value should be set... if your function is not working it must either be var is not set as 1 or the function sl_redirecttourl($page); has a problem... could we see that code please? – Devon Bernard Jan 11 '13 at 2:11
Ah, I misunderstood. Thanks. – user1968593 Jan 11 '13 at 2:15
More precisely, $var= $slcustom31 .... and that in turn is either blank, with no value, or 1. – user1968593 Jan 11 '13 at 2:16
Thanks! Since if (isset($slcustom29)) {$page="mydomain/members/".$slcustom29;} else {$page="mydomain/members/page_Beta.php";;} didn't work, should I interpret this to mean that $slcustom29 didn't have a value? – user1968593 Jan 11 '13 at 2:33

No, you want to look at isset or empty.

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To check if a variable has a value use:


If it's 'empty' it will return TRUE, and if not will return FALSE. This is what's considered empty:

  • "" (an empty string)
  • 0 (0 as an integer)
  • 0.0 (0 as a float)
  • "0" (0 as a string)
  • NULL
  • array() (an empty array)
  • $var; (a variable declared, but without a value)

Fore more info see: http://php.net/manual/en/function.empty.php

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