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Blinking cursors can be quite irritating. It is easy to switch blinking off with blink-cursor-mode (or maybe customize it ...). But with larger screens, it is often difficult to locate the cursor-position. So, well, blinking might make sense after all.

However, what is visually very irritating is that blinking is done by switching between a full rectangle (or bar) and nothing. When you now compare C-x 3 like side-by-side two buffers, the selected buffer has sometimes the rectangle and sometimes not. So you cannot easily look to one side and then the other ; you have to wait for the cursor to "reappear". That is very irritating.

So my question is: Is it possible have blinking switch between full-rectangle and something related? Lighter-colored rectangle? It should not be hollow-rectangle because this is used in the other buffer.

(I am using 23.1)

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Have you reviewed this? –  Robert Harvey Jan 11 '13 at 2:35
@false Take a look at M-x global-hl-line-mode together with cursor blinking disabled. –  Mr. Deathless Jan 10 '14 at 6:10

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This is possible from 24.1 on.

The blink-cursor-alist permits to specify for each on-type an off-type.

Thanks to @RobertHarvey for pointing this out.

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