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I have been working with ExpressJS to facilitate file uploads, but as far as I can see you could upload a file to any route regardless of it it handles it or not.

Say I have

app.post('/photos/upload', photos.upload);

I know I want a photo upload via that route so I can handle it, but what if someone uploads files to other routes? All those files are going to be written to the server, but not handled.

Is there a way to refuse uploads on all routes apart from ones I actually want files uploaded to?


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What you're doing right now something like:


which includes express.multipart() that handles file uploads. You'll just want to split this up:


app.post('/photos/upload', express.multipart(), photos.upload)
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Ah yes, that would seem to be the correct way of going about it. How would I specify the uploadDir using this method, like this app.use(express.bodyParser({uploadDir:'./somefolder'})); Edit: app.post('/photos/upload', express.multipart({uploadDir:'./somefolder'}), photos.upload) Works just the same :) –  Newbzors Jan 11 '13 at 15:41

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