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I have need to slice an array where I would like zero to be assumed for every dimension except the first.

Given an array:

x = numpy.zeros((3,3,3))

I would like the following behavior, but without needing to know the number of dimensions before hand:

y = a[:,0,0]

Essentially I am looking for something that would take the place of Ellipsis, but instead of expanding to the needed number of : objects, it would expand into the needed number of zeros.

Is there anything built in for this? If not, what is the best way to get the functionality that I need?

One way to do this is to use:

y = x.ravel(0:temp.shape[0])

This works fine, however in some cases (such as mine) ravel will need to create a copy of the array instead of a view. Since I am working with large arrays, I want a more memory efficient way of doing this.

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You could create a indexing tuple, like this:

x = arange(3*3*3).reshape(3,3,3)

s = (slice(None),) + (0,)*(x.ndim-1)

print x[s]  # array([ 0,  9, 18])
print x[:,0,0] # array([ 0,  9, 18])

I guess you could also do:


but I prefer the first approach, since it works for any dimension (rather than only the first), and it's obviously equally efficient to just writing x[:,0,0], since it's just a different syntax.

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Thanks, this works perfectly. The slice object is what I was missing. In my case I am now using s = [0]*x.ndim; s[ii] = slice(None). Which allows me to pull what I need from each dimension. –  amicitas Jan 11 '13 at 19:14

I usually use tom10's method, but here's another:

for i in range(x.ndim-1):
    x = x[...,0]
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