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$db = new ezSQL_mysql($user,$pass,$db,$server);
$user = $db->get_row("SELECT id,last FROM users WHERE email='$email'");

The dump returns this:

object(stdClass)#11 (5) {
   string(1) "4"
   string(19) "2013-01-06 14:48:24"

However, in attempting to ask for the id of the user via the object:


I get this error:

Cannot use object of type stdClass as array
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I would like to also state, PDO cannot be used in this specific scenario. – Hydra IO Jan 11 '13 at 3:29
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I fixed my own problem by eding the class and pushing get_object_vars:

if ( $output == OBJECT )
            $out = $this->last_result[$y]?$this->last_result[$y]:null;
            return get_object_vars($out);
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