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Is there any way to make my website appear on another port (for example, 7080) using .htaccess?

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No. .htaccess is only accessed/parsed when some already-in-progress HTTP request is being handled by Apache. By definition, you must have already connected to Apache and issued a request before any .htaccess files are even opened.

If you want to change ports, you have to do it at the .conf level

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Thanks! Any way to do that in cPanel? –  Alfred Xing Jan 11 '13 at 4:23
probably, but I've never used cpanel. –  Marc B Jan 11 '13 at 4:24
Yeah, if you have access to httpd conf and are able to stop and restart apache its super easy but .htaaccess is only used for credentials afaik. –  Jimmy Johnson Jan 11 '13 at 4:27
@BeenCoding2Long: no, .htaccess is not just for credentials, but it can't affect fundamental server configuration things, like defining a new vhost or changing binding ports. –  Marc B Jan 11 '13 at 4:28

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