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When calling a loop being performed in a C shared-library (dynamic library), Python will not receive a KeyboardInterrupt, and nothing will respond (or handle) CTRL+C.

What do I do?

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Unless you use PyDLL or PYFUNCTYPE; the GIL is released during the ctypes calls. Therefore the Python interpreter should handle SIGINT by raising KeyboardInterrupt in the main thread if the C code doesn't install its own signal handler.

To allow the Python code to run in the main thread; you could put the ctypes call into a background thread:

import threading

t = threading.Thread(target=ctypes_call, args=[arg1, arg2, ...])
t.daemon = True
while t.is_alive(): # wait for the thread to exit
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The GIL! Of course. Thanks, JF. That's worth giving you the answer instead of taking it for myself. –  Dustin Oprea Jan 12 '13 at 3:37

You will have to declare a signal handler for SIGINT, within the C, which is, hopefully, your project.

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My experience with SIGINT in shared objects is that a handler is needed. It is not enough to block signals and have a thread waiting using sigwait. –  Jens Munk Jul 19 at 7:41

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