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I have a commit i pushed earlier today that i learned i had messed up on by not adding the correct files before pushing. I fixed the revision and re-pushed it, so now i have a revision containing literally nothing new and my real revision. This could really confuse my other team members working, so i would like to either merge both together or remove my 'blank' revision.

Here is a picture of my problem:


Note that i cannot undo/rollback, it tells me the transaction is not available.

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If you've pushed it there's very little you can do. You could hg strip it from your local repo, but you'll get it back the next time you pull. You could edit history with hg histedit or merge two changesets with hg collapse, but none of that will get rid of the changeset you've pushed.

That said, the comment in your screenshot, "I just rolled back my latest push...", has me thinking you might have hg push and hg commit confused. They're entirely different and hg push can't be rolled back (locally). A hg push sends your local changesets out to the world -- no takebacks. A hg commit creates a new local changeset.

If you've misstated your problem and you've merely hg commited a changeset you regret you have all the extension-based options I listed above available to you. If you've really pushed it -- welcome to DVCS usage: once it's out there it's out there, and the best you can do it correct it in a subsequent commit.

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