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I am having difficulty successfully assigning the foreign key in a one-to-many relationship at the creation of one of the "many" model objects.

In more concrete terms... I have two models, Course and Section, in which Course has_many :sections, and each Section belongs_to :course. Each section, among other attributes, has the foreign key course_id.

I would like to write a helper method called current_course, so that when I write my create function I could write current_course.sections.build(params[:section]) which will automatically assign the foreign key course_id at creation. In other words, current_course would take the id of the class that it was clicked from (i.e. /class/1/) and make equal to course_id of the newly created section. I tried along the lines of @current_course ||= Course.find(params[:course_id]).. but it keeps on throwing an ID error at creation. What am I doing wrong, and how do I correct my current_course method? Thanks!

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What you're doing looks basically correct.

Your create controller would generally have a line like this at the beginning. (You can't find something that hasn't been created after all.)

@course = Course.new(params[:course])

If you know that you're going to build exactly one Section, you might want to do @course.sections.build in your new controller. Then from there, make sure your Courses model accepts_nested_attributes_for :sections then you can fill in the Section fields in your view with the fields_for function. When you do it this way, your controller can simply say @course.save and the Section will be saved along with it.

I hope that helps, but if not then please add a comment with the error that you're seeing.

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Thanks! Its likely that I would like users to create several sections for each course as they see fit, so not sure if the above may still be fully applicable. You mentioned nested attributes, and I have thought about nested resources (nice routes like /course/1/section/2, but since ultimately I have the foreign key in place for my Section model, I would still like to be able to show just /section/2 and have it inherently linked to course with id=1. I understand one alternative is to pass information between controllers to use :sessions, but was wondering if there is a better way? –  daspianist Jan 11 '13 at 5:30
Nested attributes are very different from nested routes. Basically, it would give you a @course.sections_attributes= function that would take an array of hashes that each represent a Section that will be associated with the Course. The biggest benefit though is how clean the controller becomes. The :session store is somewhat limited in size, so passing stuff through it is generally not a good idea. –  Geoff Jan 11 '13 at 5:43

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