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i have exported an global filestream say xlog from an dll say xlogger,

i initilize xlog in dll process attach macro , and close in detach.

now i am adding reference of this dll in my other projects in same solution as below.

testDll_1 -> add reference xlogger ,
testDll_2 -> add reference xlogger ,
testDll_2 -> add reference xlogger ,
exe -> add reference xlogger ,

my problem is xlog<<"message" works only in the xlogger dll and exe however no log is generated from inside dll. here i am using windows 7 enterprise with vs 2010 professional,

am i loading multiple copyes of dll in above testdll projects ? or same copy(single copy)is getting used ? or how can i resolve this problem ?.

thanks in advance.

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What runtime library do you use? static library, or DLL? – Nitric Jan 11 '13 at 4:56
i am using dll, i tried code in vs 2012 it works well ,i am little confuse , surely i need to do little more work on it. – vivek Jan 11 '13 at 13:36
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ok its my mistake actually i open file stream in dll_proc_attach, & i am closing in dll_proc_detach, the problem was the stream is getting close somehow. so now i wrote seprate functions to open and close stream and code is working fine. thanks all for replies.

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