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I want to look-up that whether a user's pressed a keyboard key. I tried some code:

    private static extern short GetAsyncKeyState(System.Windows.Forms.Keys vKey);
    private static extern short GetAsyncKeyState(System.Int32 vKey);
     if ((GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.F10) == -32767))

What it does is that it just check the pressing of F10 key.It doesn't care whether it is Shift+F10 or Ctrl+F10 or F10. But what i wanted is that to look-up them separately say if it is Shift+F10 then tell me the user pressed Shift+F10,if it is F10 then tell me the user pressed F10. How can i get there a simple way?

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cant you check as below?

//in pseudocode
if (f10pressed) {
    if (shiftpressed) {
    } else if (ctrlpressed) {
    } else {
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There's also Alt. – HerrJoebob Jan 11 '13 at 5:51
Any reason for the downvote? – Karthik T Jan 11 '13 at 17:40

There isn't a simple way; GetAsyncKeyState() will return you the value of the exact key you specified, ignoring concepts of modifier keys. Handling WM_CHAR handles some modifiers you want but for all of them (shift, alt, ctrl) you have to explicitly check other keys.

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You need to check GetAsyncKeyState for each key you're interested in. In this case you will check for F10 and then check for shift, ctrl, alt and others. See virtual key codes for the possible values and see GetAsyncKeyState.

short key = GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.F10);
// Check the most significant bit to see if the key is down
if ( ( key & 0x8000 ) > 0 )
     // Check  shift is down 0x10 is value for VK_SHIFT
     key = GetAsyncKeyState( 0x10 );
     if ( key & 0x8000 ) > 0 )
         // Shift key is down as well
     // Repeat for other key states.

Looking at the c# keys enumeration there are number of possible values for shift, you might need to experiment a bit.

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