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I have a subscription plan ie $30 for every month and first month is free. but I am not getting any response from Paypal when somebody subscribes however I get response after one month for the first payment. Paypal does not send any response back if the first month is free ? How can I find out somebody subscribed successfully ?

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Are you using standard subscription buttons or Express Checkout with Recurring Payments?

Either way, you'll get IPN's when a new subscription profile is created as well as when each payment comes through. If you're not seeing that I would check your IPN history in your PayPal account to see if you're finding errors there, and also check your web logs to see if you're finding errors there.

I'm guessing that your IPN script is failing for some reason when it gets hit for the new profile IPN's.

The txn_type value would be either subscr_signup or recurring_payment_profile_created depending on which method you're using.

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thanks, I get response back from Paypal only with a payment, my first month is free so response and no response – Daniel Dzussa Jan 12 '13 at 5:23
Well, as I said, you must have an error happening on the signup IPN's causing your script to fail on those, because PayPal definitely does send them. – Andrew Angell Jan 12 '13 at 17:52

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