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I'm looking for a way to update some text in real-time when resizing a div. Right now this works in updating the text after you are finished resizing the #img1 div, but I would prefer if the pixel height and width could be shown and updated as you are dragging the jquery resizable handle.

    $( "#img1" ).resizable({
        grid: [10,10],

    $('#img1').mouseup(function() {
      img1width = $("#img1").width();
      img1height = $("#img1").height();

      $( "#img1-height" ).html("H: "+img1height+"px");
      $( "#img1-width" ).html("W: "+img1width+"px");
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.resizable provided resize: callback

$( "#img1" ).resizable({
    grid: [10,10],
    resize: function(event, ui){
      var img = event.target;
      //do your stuff
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