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Is there any flag or other option in NSIS to see that the default $INSTDIR variable was changed via /D parameter passed to the installer?

I tried to do that:

1. setup.exe /D=C:\Temp
2. ${GetParameters} $R0
3. And see that $R0 is empty

Any advice?

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Before .onInit is executed, $InstDir is set by InstallDir, then if the value defined by InstallDirRegKey exists it will override InstallDir. Finally, if the user used /D, $InstDir is set to that parameter. This is OK for most installers because you don't really need to know how $InstDir was set.

If you are using RequestExecutionLevel highest and your installer supports installing for a single user or all users depending on the elevation status then this is not OK. The only way around this is to not use InstallDir*

; DO NOT USE: InstallDir
; DO NOT USE: InstallDirRegKey

!include LogicLib.nsh

Function .onInit
${If} $InstDir != ""
  ; /D was used
  ; Set some default
  StrCpy $InstDir "$ProgramFiles\foo\bar"

Alternatively you could maybe use System::Call kernel32::GetCommandLine()t.r0 and parse $0 looking for /D at the end...

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In my case I need to know how $InstDir was set, because my installer can change this path automatically at runtime, but if the path was set manually using /D, then it must stay as it was entered. System::Call actually did the trick and I can see that /D thing in the command line! Thanks a lot! – dipp Jan 11 '13 at 9:17

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