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Is it possible to dock a form1 to a panel contained in another form2? I'm launching form1 with ShowDialog from a form2 event.

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Please check this: Parent a Form to a Panel(stackoverflow.com/questions/4485149/parent-a-form-to-a- answer by @hanspassant –  elimad Sep 18 '13 at 13:50

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Not with ShowDialog (or even Show), no. A form that has already been displayed as a top-level form cannot later be added as a subcontrol of any other control. You can try to keep the form within a particular set of screen bounds by monitoring the LocationChanged event, but that will appear jerky on the screen.

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Consider extracting the controls out of form1 into a UserControl. Use that UserControl on form1 (assuming you need it as a form as well as the docked control), then dock the UserControl on form2 to implement the desired functionality.

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Consider using the COMPLETELY FREE docking library to develop Visual Studio .Net style applications provided by this link. Believe me, it's a commercial quality and bug-free code!

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