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I'm building an ODATA compliant API using ASP.NET WebAPI?

Got a question about how it should behave when a $filter has no results?

Should it return an empty collection? or send HTTP 404 response?

Any ideas/reasoning? I'm biased towards returning an empty collection, but would it violate a recommended practice?

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Given you are not directly addressing an individual resource at a specific known Request-Uri (e.g. /resource/{uid}) and your collection is also a known addressable Request-Uri (e.g. /resource) then a 404 would be inappropriate.

An empty collection is what I would expect if I was consuming your API.

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I agree with the answer, if not the logic used to get there :-). The collection itself is a resource being retrieved at a specific known Request URI. The fact that it happens to be an empty collection is not something that needs to be indicated in the HTTP Status code. –  Darrel Miller Jan 11 '13 at 12:42
@DarrelMiller agree I should update and correct. –  Mark Jones Jan 11 '13 at 13:04

I do not think HTTP 404 should be used. The code is used to indicate a reference to a non-existing resource.

The HTTP code 204 (no content) might be a better choice then 404. But an empty collection is a better idea because it would make it easier to use the API.

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