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Now I want to create a game's ranking system, Assume for a moment that current ranking as follows:

player  rank        
A       : 1 
B       : 2     
C       : 3 
D       : 4 
E       : 5 

After Player D defeats Player B in a Match,so the rank will change as below:

player  rank        
A       :  1    
D       :  2    
B       :  3    
C       :  4    
E       :  5    

how could I Efficient update data in mysql database?

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why not u have a point system like a football league table? then sort by the sum points – ajreal Jan 11 '13 at 7:03
So you need to swap the ranks if one plays defeats another? – cartina Jan 11 '13 at 7:03
what have you tried? put your piece of code – Bhavik Shah Jan 11 '13 at 7:06
Can players also drop in rank for any reason? How are you ranking - by number of matches won or some other criteria? I think in general you would be better off calculating rankings as ajreal suggested. – Revent Jan 11 '13 at 7:07
@HarmeetKaur not just swap the ranks ,we want when player d(rank 4) defeats b(if rand 2),D will rank 2 and then b rank3 、c rank4 – Liuqing Hu Jan 11 '13 at 7:11
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I'm not an expert in stored procedures, but I think if you create a stored procedure with parameters "player1" and "player2" where player1 is the higher ranked player, something like this might work:

# Get current player ranks
SET @player1rank = (SELECT `Rank` FROM `RankTable` WHERE `Player` = player1);
SET @player2rank = (SELECT `Rank` FROM `RankTable` WHERE `Player` = player2);
# Drop ranks for player 1 down to player 2
UPDATE `RankTable` SET `Rank` = `Rank`+1 WHERE `Rank` >= @player1rank AND `Rank` < @player2rank;
# Now update player2's rank
UPDATE `RankTable` SET `Rank` = @player1rank WHERE `Player` = player2;

As a stored procedure, this would run very fast - an added advantage if your table grows large.

Here is my attempt, which doesn't register in MySQL 4.0 using PhpMyAdmin (can't find version), but it may work on MySQL 5+ and will hopefully get you going in the right direction...

CREATE PROCEDURE rerank_players (IN player1 VARCHAR (100), IN player2 VARCHAR (100))
   DECLARE player1rank, player2rank INT;
   SET player1rank = (SELECT Rank FROM RankTable WHERE Player = player1);
   SET player2rank = (SELECT Rank FROM RankTable WHERE Player = player2);
   UPDATE RankTable SET Rank = Rank+1 WHERE Rank >= player1rank AND Rank < player2rank;
   UPDATE RankTable SET Rank = player1rank WHERE Player = player2;

You will need to adjust the length of the VARCHAR in the parameter declarations to your data length as well as rename tables & fields, etc...

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I'm trying your answer,thanks for your help – Liuqing Hu Jan 11 '13 at 8:41

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