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I'm making custom LayoutInflater.Factory and in onCreateView() method I'd like to obtain custom attribute specified for current view. However I don't want to declare styleable for this attribute. I can get this parameter if it was specified in xml attribute for this View using: attrs.getAttributeValue(null, attributeName);
I can even get it if it was specified in style parameter of the View using: context.obtainStyledAttributes(attrs, new int[]{R.attr.custom_attribute);
However it seems to be impossible to get this attribute if it's specified in theme. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my xml resouces:

<style name="CustomTheme"
     <item name="android:textViewStyle">@style/TextView.Custom</item>

<style name="TextView.Custom">
    <item name="custom_attribute">"blabla"</item>

P.S. I know I should declare slyleable resource for custom attributes, and it works if I do so, but I want to be sure it is not possible otherwise because it is simplier to use this way.

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Turnd out you can get it usig this:

TypedValue value = new TypedValue();
theme.resolveAttribute(android.R.attr.textViewStyle, value, true);
typedArray = theme.obtainStyledAttributes(value.resourceId, new int[] {R.attr.custom_attribute});
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