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The Google maps script I have seems to load the example KML from Chicago files fine, but when I add my own, it fails. The KML standard is 2.2 - why doesn't Google Maps manage to read it (Google Earth seems to work fine)? When I tried to validate the file it said there were some errors - is there any way around it given that this is an output I get from an application?

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geoxml3, KmlLayer and Google Maps load your kml for me. My server doesn't support KML with the .kml extension, just as XML with the .xml extension because it isn't configured for the KML/KMZ MIME types, you might have the same problem on your server.

See this issue on the Google Maps API v3 issue tracker regarding the "spikes" on the line.

Another option would be to to see what KmlLayer.getStatus() returns (Kml Status:DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUND). The cta.kml example returns Kml Status:OK.

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