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Can anybody tell me some ESQL/C functions which can be called directly from C code? I am using Informix as the database and HP-UX as the O.S..

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5-10 functions name would be sufficient. – user1716079 Jan 11 '13 at 9:23
be more specific. – Zagorulkin Dmitry Jan 11 '13 at 9:29

The whole point of ESQL/C is that you write your code containing embedded SQL statements and then run the ESQL/C code through the ESQL/C preprocessor to generate C code that the C compiler will then compile to object code for use.

The ESQL/C Programmer's Manual describes how use ESQL/C. You can find more information at the IBM Informix 11.70 Information Centre, including links to download the PDF file(s).

The ESQL/C Programmer's Manual documents the functions that you're expected to call direct from the C portion of the ESQL/C program. The interfaces that speak directly to the server are not documented as C functions but as embedded SQL statements. You use those undocumented interface functions at your own risk — I recommend not taking that risk (but I am biassed since I work on Informix for IBM).

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