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I am having a project in 5 languages and I am switching languages by p28n Controller which works perfect! But now, the SEO guys want to have the urls like:

www.projekt.com/en for english
www.projekt.com/es for spanish
www.projekt.com/fr for french

I am a little bit lost now and don't know who to achieve this? I this a question for the htaccess file? Or do I have to deal with it in Cake?

Please help me out where to start!

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This plugin should help you get the urls like you need.

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I installed the plugin and it's displaying the language flags with the added language folder. That's great until this point. But when I am clicking the flags, the language is not changing, I am also not getting an error... Did you use the plugin already successfully? Could you maybe help me with it? –  user1555112 Feb 4 '13 at 10:46
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