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I'm just trying to create a simple chrome extension. In my simple extension there is a textbox and an iframe which include a music player.

I click the extension button on the bar, popup (dropdown, context menu) is opened, music is started to play and i write something in the textbox. Then i click somewhere out the popup, popup will close and music is stopped. I click again extension button, textbox is empty and music is start from the beginning.

On the otherhand, i install exfm extension for chrome and i can listen music even popup will disappear. So what is the thing that make it possible that extension still works.

Maybe i mixed the concepts of hosted app, packaged app and extension, i'm not sure.

Thank you.

Edit: manifest.json:

 "name": "My First Extension",
 "version": "1.0",
 "manifest_version": 2,
 "description": "The first extension that I made.",
 "browser_action": {
 "default_icon": "icon.png",
 "default_popup": "background.html"
 "background": {
    "page": "background.html"
 "permissions": [


<!doctype html>
      <title>Getting Started Extension's Popup</title>
    <iframe src="http://grooveshark.com/" width="440px" height="440px"></iframe>
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they use background pages for playing continuous music –  Sudarshan Jan 11 '13 at 9:49
i edit message and add my manifest.json, but music still not continous –  afsinka Jan 11 '13 at 12:13
Can you put all the related code here? –  Sudarshan Jan 11 '13 at 12:15
that's all, i just try to understand why music is interrupted. –  afsinka Jan 11 '13 at 13:02

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