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I have a strange problem which surfaces intermittently. The installer installs fine but the installation path has foreing characters. This is a pure English US language installer.

This is what I do:

g_szProductBaseDir = g_szCompanyBaseDir ^ IFX_PRODUCT_NAME;


g_szCompanyBaseDir = D:\Program Files\ABC\


The special characters embed themselves before IFX_PRODUCT_NAME. In the end we have an install path with an extra folder with foreign character name.

The log says:

D:\Program Files\ABC\??\Hardware\VMC567-CIRCLE

Can anyone give me some pointer on this?

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You need two backslashes for paths, otherwise you will have characters being escaped. Also, you'll probably need to put g_szProductBaseDir into LongPathToQuote() before you can use it:

g_szProductBaseDir = g_szCompanyBaseDir ^ IFX_PRODUCT_NAME;
LongPathToQuote(g_szProductBaseDir, TRUE);
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