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I have a script that works well from the prompt but not from crontab. The only thing that is broken is a here document ignored in a subshell in the script. The script uses psftp. Here is the code:


cd /home/downloaded/csv/
psftp -pw passw0rd -P 1234 << EOF
cd outgoing
mget *.csv
) | tee /home/batch/logs/mylog.log | mail -s "Mail subject" ""

crontab -e:

45 10 * * * /bin/sh /home/batch/

OK - Mail when launched from prompt:

Remote working directory is /
psftp> Remote directory is now /outgoing
psftp> *.csv: nothing matched
psftp> quit

KO - Mail when launched from crontab:

Remote working directory is /
psftp> quit

Google does not provide a lot of help. I have tried several EOF syntaxes as it seems a common problem of here documents, but I don't think it comes from this. It might have to do with some kind of nesting level with regards to crontab, is there such a thing?

Best regards

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Try removing the space after <<? – tripleee Jan 11 '13 at 11:06
@tripleee I just tried removing the space, it did not change the problem. Crontab KO, Prompt OK. – BenoitParis Jan 11 '13 at 11:39

Alright, problem solved:

The user crontab uses to execute the script is different. What happened is that the sftp's key was not registered for this user. This cause a prompt asking to register the key, which was not answered by my script.

I connected as the user it uses, psftp'd and registred the key.

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