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Meteor seems to skip CSS transitions when these are triggered through a template helper. Is there a way to work around this?


<template name="example-template">
  <div class="example {{myhelper}}"></div>

Then, "myhelper" would get assigned, through a template helper, a classname that triggers a css transition. But, for some reason, the class is applied but skipping the transition.

I assume this conflicts with Meteor's auto-rendering when the template data sources change, but I don't know how to get around it (I'd like to avoid using jquery for this).

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CSS transitions after rendering a new template aren't yet supported by Meteor. The reason is that when rendering the template example-template again, the new HTML is just appended to the DOM with the new classname. Since the DOM changes, the transition doesn't happen.

Your best bet is to use the rendered event in combination with a loading classname:

<template name="example-template">
  <div class="example loading"></div>

Template['example-template'].rendered = function() {
  // remove the loading classname here, and have that trigger a transition
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This is supposed to get easier after new Meteor UI lands (see, but until then you can do this with a preserve directive for your template:


<template name="example">
  <div id="example-div" class="example {{myhelper}}"></div>



See for more info.

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Works like a charm! Just read the docs carefully: in its simplest form, the preserve method should be passed an array of selectors, each of which should match at most one element. The good thing about this technique is that your code stays fully reactive. – remcoder Feb 26 '14 at 22:31
preserve no longer exists in latest Meteor. – Joseph Humfrey yesterday

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