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In an application i need to do a special character check for dynamic set of special characters that is taken from db.I have tried the following, but it doesnt work,any help will be appreciated.

$specialCharacters = SystemParameters::model()->findByAttributes(array('sys_param_name' => 'SPLCHR'));
// [\^£$%&*()}{@#~?><>,|=_+¬-]'"; This is the resulting value
$var = addslashes($specialCharacters->sys_param_val);

if (preg_match('/' . $var . '/', $string))
    return false;
    return true;
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Use preg_quote to quote your special characters like this.

preg_match('/' . preg_quote($var, '/') . '/', $string)

Based on the fact, that your result from database is not enclosed with square brackets I suppose you want something like this to match against a single special character in your string:

preg_match('/[' . preg_quote($var, '/') . ']/', $string)
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