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I am using telerik dropdownlist in telerik grid. Now i want to fire some validation on dropdownlist on blur or focus out if value is "select". Here i am not changing items in dropdownlist. Initially it is "Select" only. Any help will be appreciated.

$('#Claim_Status').live('blur', function () {                    

        if ($('#Claim_Status').val() == "") {

            var str = "<span class='field-validation-error' data-valmsg-replace='true' data-valmsg-for='Claim_Status'>";
            str = str + "<span class='' for='Claim_Status' generated='true'>Field is required.</span></span>";
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Why don't you just use the change event of the DropDownList and execute your logic when it occurs?

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OnChange event gets triggered only when i change selected item in dropdownlist not when i lose focus or on blur. –  Nancy Jan 12 '13 at 4:39
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