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I have one class as below:

public class test
     int i;

     string str;

     Socket s;

     DateTime dt;

and am creating object of this class as below

public void collection()

   test t1=new test{i=1,str="string1", s=soc1, dt=DateTime.Today() };

   test t2=new test{i=2,str="string2", s=soc2, dt=DateTime.Today() };

   test t3=new test{i=3,str="string3", s=soc3, dt=DateTime.Today() };

   ArraList a=new ArrayList();





and am adding all these objects(t1,t2,t3) into an array. Now, how can i get all socket members in object array using linq???

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How can you access private members outside class without reflection? –  Tilak Jan 11 '13 at 10:54
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I think you should cast your ArrayList to a collection of type 'test'


a.Cast<test>.Select(t => t.s);

Will give you the result.

Or if you think your ArrayList might also contain other types of obejct, you can use

a.OfType<test>.Select(t => t.s);

Note: Make sure Socket is a publicly accessible property and depending on the framework you use, consider using a Generic collection

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No it wont, remember s is private –  Tilak Jan 11 '13 at 10:53
Oops in that case either he needs have public Socket prop or try out reflection –  Nasmi Sabeer Jan 11 '13 at 10:55
Ya this works and sounds good. Now if am declaring one more collection Hash-table and am initializing all 3 Hash-table objects with some values. Now how to get those collection values in all 3 hashtable using linq?? –  Raghu S Yadav Jan 11 '13 at 11:28
@RaghuSYadav, instead of HashTable use generic dictionary. Are you working on .Net framework 1.1 ? –  Habib Jan 11 '13 at 11:31
no am working on .Net FrameWork 3.5. –  Raghu S Yadav Jan 11 '13 at 11:33
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You should use Generic List instead of ArrayList, if you are working on .Net framework 2.0 or above. (You have to define your fields as public to be accessible outside the class)

List<test> list = new List<test>();

To get all items you can do:

var items = list.Select(r=> r.s).ToArray();

There are many other problems in your code. DateTime.Today is used like a method, whereas its just a property. If you want to use ArrayList then your classes and corrected code should be:

public class test
    public int i;
    public string str;
    public Socket s;
    public DateTime dt;

test t1 = new test { i = 1, str = "string1", s = soc1, dt = DateTime.Today };
test t2 = new test { i = 2, str = "string2", s = soc2, dt = DateTime.Today };
test t3 = new test { i = 3, str = "string3", s = soc3, dt = DateTime.Today };

ArrayList a = new ArrayList();

To select sockets from the ArrayList

var items = a.Cast<test>().Select(r=> r.s).ToArray();
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You can do it in this way (this requires public properties of test):

var a = new List<test>()
    new test{i=1,str="string1", s=soc1, dt=DateTime.Today() },
    new test{i=2,str="string2", s=soc2, dt=DateTime.Today() },
    new test{i=3,str="string3", s=soc3, dt=DateTime.Today() }


var sockets = a.Select(t => t.s);
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