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I'm trying to use the new Router API (at commit 6a165ad), and I have some problems.

Given this router:

Router.map(function(match) {
  match("/posts").to("posts", function(match) {
    match("/new").to('new', function(match) {

I'm trying to transition to the new route.

Using new.index: this.transitionTo('new.index')

It works, but as you can see the route name is not really explicit (we don't even know that it's for a new post). It's consequently not a viable solution.

Using posts.new: this.transitionTo('posts.new')

I hoped it works, but an error is thrown:

The route posts.new was not found.

I believed the transition to the index was made automatically, but it seems not.

Using customized route name:

Since the commit specified above, Ember allows custom route naming. As my previous attempt does not work, I tried to force the new route to be posts.new, but it still does not work (idem if it was foo.new).

It looks like its not possible to go to a customized route that has nested routes.


  • I'd like to transition to the new route (and specifying posts). How should it be done ?
  • Before the router v2.1, I had routes that has child without to (i.e. match("/posts", function(match) { ... })), is it still working ? If so, what's the name of its children ?
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This was actually a bug in Ember. Because index is implicit, you should not need to explicitly provide it.

The bug was fixed on master.

If you want to go to a route that has child routes, you should transitionTo the specified name of the route, and Ember will automatically add the index for you.

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