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I have to create a single command to create multiple(dev|qa|uat) war/ear. Something like :

ant -f build.xml -Denv=dev|qa|uat -propertyfile= devProp|qaProp|uatProp 

I already have different properties file, different staging, deploying target for each environment. I also have different .cmd files to build each of them separately.

What I am stuck at is: How do I build them all in one go?

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Can't you use 3 task with 3 differebt sets of props ? And then execute a single task depending on each of the 3 (in order to build everything) – BigMike Jan 11 '13 at 11:42
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You can use the <subant /> instruction in your target.

Write down a new ant script (namely master.xml), assuming that your original build is in script build.xml, you can have something like:

<target name="build-all">
   <subant target="build-prod">
     <fileset dir="." includes="build.xml"/>
     <propertyset ......../> <!-- properties for the prod build -->
   <subant target="build-dev">
     <fileset dir="." includes="build.xml"/>
     <propertyset ......../> <!-- properties for the dev build -->
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Thanks BigMike!! – mili Jan 15 '13 at 5:53

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