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I have tried but can't imagine how I can select, with a LIKE and a GREATER condition:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE date > '2011-12-31' AND date LIKE "%-12-31"

So, if a user send date as the follow: 1950-12-31, I need to get all date GREATER than date posted and which MONTH and DAY is LIKE %-12-31

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Don't use LIKE. Try this

FROM table
    date > '2011-12-31'
    AND MONTH(date) = 12
    AND DAY(date) = 31

I don't have MySQL to test but you get the idea I hope.

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Yes, I get, thanks! – Gabriel Jan 11 '13 at 11:51
Select * from table1 where date> urdate
And extract(month from date) = extract (month from Urdate)
And extract(day from date) = extract (day from urdate)
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@Gabriel in my code you don't have to specify month and day though ;-) check it out if you like.... – bonCodigo Jan 11 '13 at 11:53

I would not recommend any solution which requires a function on the left side of an equality considering that these solutions would require a full table scan; a no-no on large tables.

I would recommend that both dates ranges be determined before the query is constructed and then simply use a BETWEEN. Also add an index on the date column.

select * from table1 where date between :1 and :2

Where :1 and :2 are parameters.


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