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I am just learning WPF (and mvvm), and I have encountered a problem which I can't google through.

I have 2 ObservableCollections - exercises and charts (the project is about trackig progress in a gym):

Exercise (Id, Name)

Chart (ExerciseId, ExerciseName, Id, ...)

Now in a window where I want to fill the charts, I have a listbox with some labels and a _grid_ and a combobox in ItemTemplate.

Listbox is binded to Chart collection.
Combobox shows a list of exercises, so I am binding it to Exercise collection.


  1. Can I specify in xaml that combobox current value should be same as Chart.Exercise?
  2. How can I specify a binding in XAML so Exercise collection element from a combobox would be assigned to Chart.Exercise?
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How did you get on with this? Any luck? –  PGallagher Jan 14 '13 at 16:13

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You could possibly achieve this with Element Binding and a Converter... However, it would be simpler to achieve this in the ViewModel.

You would have four Properties in your ViewModel.

  • Property 1: Exercise Observable Collection - Bound to your ComboBox ItemSource (ExerciseItems)
  • Property 2: Exercise Selected Item - Bound to your Combobox SelectedItem (ExerciseSelectedItem)
  • Property 3: Chart Observable Collection - Bound to your ListBox (ChartItems)
  • Property 4: Chart Selected Item - Bound to your ListBox SelectedItem (ChartSelectedItem)

You would Set your Combo Box Selected Item, using Linq perhaps, to be equal to the Item with ListBox Selected Item ExerciseID, in the Setter of the ListBox Selected Item Property;

Public Property ChartSelectedItem As ChartItem
     Return _ChartSelectedItem
End Get
Set(value As ChartItem)
     If value <> _ChartSelectedItem Then
         _ChartSelectedItem = value

         ExcersiseSelectedItem = (From ExcersiseItemsList in ExcersiseItems Where ExcersiseItemsList.ID = value.ExcersiseID).FirstOrDefault


     End if
End Set
End Property

Hope that helps...

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