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This is my code:

        .on('mouseover', '.row', function () {
        .on('mouseout', '.row', function () {

Can it be DRYed out?

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You can bind both events, listen to event.name and then use jQuery.fn.toggle

$userRows.on('mouseover mouseout', '.row', function(event) {
    $(this).find(".label").toggle( event.name == "mouseover" );

Im pretty sure you can also use jQuery.fn.hover:

$userRows.on('hover', '.row', function(event) {
    $(this).find(".label").toggle( event.name == "mouseenter" );

or even:

$userRows.on('hover', '.row', function(event) {
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What about:

$rows.hover( function(){ $(this).find('.label').toggle(); }, function(){ $(this).find('.label').toggle(); } );

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