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I am trying to install hades bundle in my roo.

I am following this article java.dzone.com/articles/playi...-roo-and-hades

while executing

  1. osgi install --url http://hades.synyx.org/static/roo/re....0.RELEASE.jar
  2. osgi start --url http://hades.synyx.org/static/roo/re....0.RELEASE.jar

First runs fine, but in 2nd command it is throwing this error:

org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle org.synyx.ha

des.roo.addon [75]: Unable to resolve 75.0: missing requirement [75.0] package; (&(package=org.springframework.roo.addon.entity)(v ersion>=1.1.0))

Can someone please help it out.


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