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While I have been doing some basic reading on DSLs and their use in generating code for the implementation of a functionality, I wish to know how this would work should I require to enhance the application that was initially created using DSLs and code generators.

My understanding is that subsequent to creating code for the very first time, it will be difficult if not impossible to reuse the DSL and associated code generator utilities to incorporate enhancements to an existing application.

I would highly appreciate any response that will help me understand this aspect better.

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The details will depend on the DSL platform you are using.

In .NET, I have seen DSLs generate code in partial classes. The code generator puts its code in one class part, and the user can place code in one or more other parts. These user parts are not touched when the code is regenerated. Partial methods may also be used, allowing user code to provide optional functionality.

Various design patterns may also be used. For instance, the code generator may produce base classes that provide the standard functionality, and a user-created derived class may override certain methods to take control at certain times for custom functionality.

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