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I have an array of strings:

dd = {'L','temp1','temp23','Reas'};

I would like to extract the numbers from the strings that contain any numbers (if that makes sense). So, the solution for this question should be 1 and 23.

How can I achieve this in matlab?

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Here's part of the solution. Suppose

myString = 'temp23'

then the expression


will return


I haven't got the time to turn this into a function to deal with your array of strings but this should get you started.

@DennisJahruddin suggested the following completion of my answer. I haven't tested it thoroughly:

dd = {'L','temp1','temp23','Reas'};
ee = cellfun(@(a) str2double(a(isstrprop(a,'digit'))),dd);
ff = ee(~isnan(ee))
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Nice to see isstrprop in action. Hope you don't mind that I updated the answer. –  Dennis Jaheruddin Jan 11 '13 at 13:23
I didn't object to your edit, but others did and it was rejected before I reviewed it so I edited my answer myself. –  High Performance Mark Jan 11 '13 at 13:36

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