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I have been searching the nvidia website for the GPU Computing SDK as I am trying to build the pointclouds library (PCL) with cuda support. However, on the nvidia website all I can find are links for the toolkit and not a single download link for the SDK.

I found this post: How can I download the latest version of the GPU computing SDK?

However, that solution seems outdated and does not seem to work.

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The link that fritzone gave ( is an installer package that includes the CUDA toolkit, developer drivers, and the SDK. Since CUDA 4.2, NVidia has distributed all of these together in a single package. Older versions of CUDA still have them as separate downloads and are available from

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+1 for the archive – fritzone Jan 16 '13 at 14:01

Try: and select your architecture/OS

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I think adding GPU support for other libs requires only the CUDA toolkit in most cases, which can be found publicly.

There is also a CUDA Compiler SDK.

It is located in the Registered Developers Website.

First, you have to register as a registered developer by this link.

After login, apply for the CUDA/GPU Computing Registered Developer Program

Then you can see the download link of CUDA Compiler SDK.

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